My Telli – Phone Application Development


Welcome to the development:


My Telli, mobile application will enhance the user’s television experience. It can be accessed through iPhone. The goal is to create an easy to use, organized television guide. It will include set reminders, a news feed of important daily information on recently aired shows, and show information consisting of cast, summary, air dates, and cancelations.

The impact of this application will provide a simple way for users to explore television. It is estimated in the United States that people watch 28 hours of television per week.

There is no application, to date, that will alert and notify the public on the key information for television shows. This key information includes run dates, air times, hosting stations, cancellations, season premieres, and finales. I would also like My Telli to contain an icon, and brief overview of the cast, and summary of each individual show. As a result not only will My Telli inform, but it will encourage users to find new shows that they might be interested in.

Combined with the show information, I furthermore want the My Telli application to be interactive. To do this I will create a follow feature. This will provide the user with the option to monitor their chosen shows. All shows that the user chooses to follow will appear in the “Shows you follow” list in the “You” section of this application. These selected shows will correspondingly stream information to the users “News” section. This section will provide the upcoming show events based on recentness.